Friday, May 7, 2010


"Jananee Janmabhumischa, Swargaadapi Gareeyasi"

[Mother and Motherland holds the place above Heaven ]

I believe there is no need to explain anything that comes with the word "MAA". Why we love her is not only because she cares,loves,nourishes,protects and teaches us, but for all of the above which she do unconditionally. She has got only motto that,her child will be a good citizen one day. When all your family and friends leave you for your unintentional faults, she stands behind you with her blessings. She always believes in her blood. Its may be due to the pain she felt during her child's birth or she believes her child as an external organ of her body. Sometimes I surprise, why a mother only can forgive so easily. Is forgiveness a layer of coating with which she painted her child afterbirth? Only she can answer this question.

When I think,what should be the gift, we as a grown up child present her?
My heart says...the gifts that's truly she desires is: she wants her child to be honest,truthful, uncorrupted and above all a good human-being. Probably that might be the reason behind her decision to be a mother.

I don't know how many of us gifted her with what she truly wants. But I hope someday, she will be gifted by the whole world with the gift she truly deserves.

MAA you are the GOD to me. I don't have a desire for any afterlife heaven, because I know am already living in heaven. Our Home is Heaven.

"Never Hurt Your Mother's Feelings"