Friday, October 14, 2016

Come to me

*When i feel alone, i think of you.

You are so beautiful with a smile on you.

Don't you know, if i were to love, it was only you.

And i am here, looking for you, but where are you?where are you? Where are you?

*I know that, you love me, i feel you every time as if, you are with me.

Time is precious, you said me often, and you promised, you never leave me.

Then what is that, coming between us, that you don't see me and i don't see you.

If I ask would it be more, love me the way I love you, I love you, I love you.

*Tomorrow is another day,that I don't want to miss you.

You are the love of my life, that makes my life meaningful.

Don't be so rude, that make you like, you no longer love me.

I just can't live without you, my darling, come to me, come to me, come to me.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Grievance of Private Industry Employees

The more a private sector industry earn the more it turn its eyes away from its own employees.
While saying this i am excluding all of the "few" industries that has been established themselves as giant among industries & treating their employees accordingly like the Tatas, Aditya Birlas etc.

There we find an employee welfare department in almost every big companies.When i say BIG it certainly means the turnover of the companies are in multiple thousand crores & their net profit in a fiscal year must be multiple hundred crores unless there is a global or specific slowdown issues. In many places employee welfare is looked after by HR department of a company. But in most of the companies forget employee welfare even the basic facilities are like dreams.
If big industries are making joke of Indian laws you could imagine what must be going on in small or medium scale industries.

Now i shall discuss my concern about the salary of an employee which comprises of Basic,House Rent,Children Education, Special Allowances & the most importantly EPF & Insurance. Most of the private industries in India are NOT obeying the laws & the rest are taking the benefits of the faulty laws.Ofcourse money can buy everything which include corrupt government officials too.

Now lets discuss the matter broadly.

1) Industries give 12% of the Basic of Salary(upto Rs.6500) as EPF. If basic exceed Rs.6500 it depends on the industry if he has to provide EPF accordingly or the same for all as Rs.780 (12% of 6500).

2) Salary hike isn't directly proportional to economic growth of an industry.And we know Salary hike is purely a company management decision.But let alone salary hike minimum wage laws has been a joke for employees working in industries.e.g. for manpower like technicians,labourers industries generally depend on manpower supply contractor.Contractual workers have to work 12 hours a day through out the year on NO WORK NO PAY basis with NO weekly off for them.No holidays; whether it is august 15 or january 26 they have to work.Even more they are getting paid for 3 hours of overtime instead of 4.

3) Most of the manufacturing industries aren't providing insurance to their employees nor there is any safety at work. whether you are an engineer or a technician or a helper if you die while at work industry won't give you a penny until and unless a mass crowd lie down your corpse infront of a top official and ask violently for money/job for the family of the deceased.

4) Safety measure at work in most of the manufacturing industries whether at project or production stage are a white lie.Surprisingly they still able to get any ISO standard they want thanks to corrupt babu in government offices.One can find house keeping workers cleaning hazadous dust in any industry without wearing a safety helmet or shoes.Reason::-Arrogant top management dont force contractors for that as they dont want to lose undertable commision from the contractor.Who care if the poor helper dies out of an unknown disease.

5) Our honourable Supreme Court has already said that illegal Bangladeshi migrants are threat to national security.Still private industries are engaging them as contractual helpers due to their low wages.Profit is more important to national security.The bengali speaking muslim bangladeshi teen aged workers clearly can be distinguished from Indian bengalis due to their speaking accent.Interestingly some of them with mixed hindu muslim names.Also instead of them local employments could be encouraged.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Re-Implementation Of Varna (Caste) System



Chatur Varnyam MayaaShrustam 

GunaKarma Vibhagasah, 

Tasya Kartaram Api Mam 

Viddhy Akartaram Avyayam.

{ The Four Divisions Of Human Society Are Created By Me According To The Three Modes Of Material Nature And The Work Associated With Them. And Although I Am The Creator Of This System, You Should Know That I Am Yet The Non-Doer, Being Unchangeable. } ~ Bhagavad Gita, Verse 4:13, Jnana Karma Sannyasa Yoga.

The 4 Varnas (Castes) namely Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaishya & Shudra were created as per the law of Karma and according to 3 Gunas (Aptitudes) namely Sattva, Rajas & Tamas.

Brahmana were assigned the Karma (task) of Meditation, Education, Pacifism. (Sattva) They have the control over their mind and senses.
Kshatriya were assigned to be Brave and Warriors. (Rajas) The administrators.
Vaishya were assigned to Farm, to Domesticate and  to Trade. (Rajas)
Shudra were assigned to Serve others. (Tamas)

Samo Damastapah Shaucham
Kshantir Arjavam Eva Cha
Jnanam Vijnanam Astikyam
Brahma Karma Svabhavajam.

{ Peacefulness, self-control, austerity, purity, tolerance, honesty, knowledge, wisdom and religiousness
are the natural qualities of the Brahmanas' Karma. } ~ Bhagavad Gita, Verse 18:42, Moksh Sannyasa Yoga.

 Sauryam Tejo Dhrutir Daksyam
Yuddhe Chapy Apalayanam

Danam Ishvara Bhavascha
Kshatram Karma Svabhavajam.

{ Heroism, power, determination, resourcefulness, courage in battle, generosity and leadership are the natural qualities of work for the Kshatriyas. } ~ Bhagavad Gita, Verse 18:43, Moksh Sannyasa Yoga.

Krusi Go Raksya Vanijyam
Vaishya Karma Svabhavajam
Paricharjyatmakam Karma
Shudrasyapi Svabhavajam.

{ Farming, cow protection and business are the natural work for the Vaishyas, and labor & service to others for the Shudras. } ~ Bhagavad Gita, Verse 18:44, Moksh Sannyasa Yoga.

Varna (Caste) System was made as per the material natures and the work associated with humans, hence it can't be meant as by birth or heredity. The way we conduct determines our castes.

The caste system was implemented by God himself. Then Kali, the demon came and it got deteriorated badly. But who did it? It's WE the people who made it progressively worse. And now what we are seeing in the name of caste differences is a result of our own misdeeds,our selfishness and our greed. Since we made it worse, now it's our Moral Responsibility to repair it through correct reimplementation. It will be a gradual process, it needs Patience,Co-operation and above all Faith in GOD. But YES we can do it.

Since we believe the whole world as one big family, why it's not concerning us that we are going to leave this world with inequality among our descendants? God gave us the Caste system to Elevate us from animal status as he created human society similar to any animal society. God taught us Unity and in fact during Vedic age our ancestors were following that, the laws of Karma. And now is the time, the 21st century world so called modern world where an human is the worst form of enemy an human ever got. 

I don't know, this might be a false perception of me or say childish or an utopian dream to even think of a possible re-implementation of caste or varna system, but at the same time i am confident that it can happen if we really want it.


1. Through Academicism: We need to start teaching our children in schools about the actual caste system, culture, our Vedic history along with Spiritualism. They shall know how caste system was born and why we need it. They shall know how a Shudra Valmiki or a Kshatriya Viswamitra became Brahmarshi, the supreme sage after they got divine knowledge through Tapas, how should we grow socially with age. For this, we need to abolish (where needed) or modify the education system  that we inherited through British Empire which believed in colonialism. And we the Indians are said to be never invaded any country ever. The base of humanity and morality is education and we need to make our base strong as it was used to be during Vedic era.

2. Through Social Status: Just like we promote a teacher to class teacher or principal of a school, or say just like we promote an employee of any industry/company to higher post, there should be a system to Determine and Upgrade or Demote the caste of a person as per his/her Karma. For this quota system in any manner/form/field need to be abolished completely. In stead mention the current status ( caste ) of any person as per his/her profession. All caste should be treated as equal. There should be no measure to determine who is a low or high caste but a open source to determine the caste of  the people as per his/her present status.

3. Through Social Relation:  A) Marriage shall happen between people who have the same standard of cultural and social development. But also can happen among different castes. And above all it's the two sides who can decide not we the third person. B) Helping the needy should be given prior importance than trying to get associated with any well developed person to satisfy the greed.



Friday, May 7, 2010


"Jananee Janmabhumischa, Swargaadapi Gareeyasi"

[Mother and Motherland holds the place above Heaven ]

I believe there is no need to explain anything that comes with the word "MAA". Why we love her is not only because she cares,loves,nourishes,protects and teaches us, but for all of the above which she do unconditionally. She has got only motto that,her child will be a good citizen one day. When all your family and friends leave you for your unintentional faults, she stands behind you with her blessings. She always believes in her blood. Its may be due to the pain she felt during her child's birth or she believes her child as an external organ of her body. Sometimes I surprise, why a mother only can forgive so easily. Is forgiveness a layer of coating with which she painted her child afterbirth? Only she can answer this question.

When I think,what should be the gift, we as a grown up child present her?
My heart says...the gifts that's truly she desires is: she wants her child to be honest,truthful, uncorrupted and above all a good human-being. Probably that might be the reason behind her decision to be a mother.

I don't know how many of us gifted her with what she truly wants. But I hope someday, she will be gifted by the whole world with the gift she truly deserves.

MAA you are the GOD to me. I don't have a desire for any afterlife heaven, because I know am already living in heaven. Our Home is Heaven.

"Never Hurt Your Mother's Feelings"